Sample Scenario

For Your #GETAWAYCOACHING Experience

After a consultation call with me, which you book using the button further up & clarifying what your goals are, we determine usually 2 healing modalities that work in conjunction to ensure the best possible outcome for your coaching.

For instance, daily sessions of Akashic Field Therapy (TM) could help you recognize, mentally process, and energetically clear past life & generational trauma, while

* Soul Cleanse - Forgiveness could ease the way into knowing that divine learning is our destiny and nothing to feel truly guilty or ashamed about.

* Somatic Meditation (c) can help your body release the trauma on a physical level, too.

* Intuitive (Trauma) Coaching would tackle the overwhelming experiences called into THIS life experience that resulted from the past life patterns and now also want to be healed.

* Daily Meditation - guided by me - gently leads you on healing walks through various aspects of your beingness; sometimes your guides appear to assist you in a loving and safe way, too. This is really special!

* Or you could just learn a fool-proof method of mastering meditation or stress management while you are here, or

* Enjoy the soothing, but pin-pointed energy work of my Blissful Blueprint Program (c), which clients have said complements the AFT (TM) work in the best possible way, because it is intensive, fast, and super powerful healing.

Remember that not all combinations might work for you. Spirit tells me what is best for you in any situation - I invite you to trust this!

I look forward to welcoming you in my Healing Space! Blessings!